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6 advantages of employing a good recruitment agency

Do you feel reluctant to work with a recruitment agency? If yes, then there are some really positive things that (good) recruitment agencies can do for you that you may be missing out. Here are some of the facts-

1. Get access to more, better candidates

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment; it takes time, resources and therefore the knowledge to undertake out different strategies. Few are-

  1. Job Boards. Because they’re constantly recruiting, agencies negotiate great value, long-term contracts with job boards across India– getting your advert ahead of the proper people, just about immediately.
  2. Talent Pipeline. Candidates will actually hunt and register for agencies that have an honest reputation within the industry. So a (good) recruitment agency will have already got a network of engaged, skilled and friendly candidates to approach together with your vacancy.
  3. Passive Candidates. It takes skill, confidence and knowledge to approach passive candidates and persuade them to think about a new task – using different mediums, including (but not limited to) social media, email and therefore the telephone.

2. Save time

It is probably the top reason for companies to go for recruitment consultancies in India- to save lots of time. The recruitment process is never a fast one and (especially with popular roles), recruiters can find themselves spending hours and getting nowhere. Recruitment agencies deduct a number of the hassle.

  • Screening CVs.
  • Candidate communications, including follow up.
  • General administrative duties.
  • Initial interviews.
  • Salary negotiations.

And because this is often what they are doing day-in, day-out, they will roll in the hay all quicker anyway – they know exactly what to seem for, the inquiries to ask and may read any warning signs early . It gives HR Managers (or whoever deals with recruitment) time to affect more important things.

3. Market Knowledge

It is a recruitment consultant’s job to stay up so far with the newest news, developments and current affairs within the industry they’re recruiting for. Such insights enable them to guide you through the whole process, advising you of any changes which may affect your process. For example, placement agencies are going to be ready to assist you with salary bench-marking. They’ll know what the ‘going rate’ is correct now, whether there’s a skills shortage or candidate surplus and the way this might affect your chances of recruiting.

4. Recruitment Knowledge

Of course, recruitment agencies are just better at recruiting generally – it’s what they are doing .

  • They skills to form sure your job advert ranks highly, using popular keywords and phrases in order that the utmost number of individuals actually see your vacancy.
  • They skills to write down a compelling, attractive job advert that really gets people to use .
  • They skills to quickly, but effectively screen a CV, screening out weaker candidates early within the process. And so much more! This recruitment knowledge, built abreast of the work , is priceless. There’s no substitute for experience.

5. Employer Branding

Agencies understand how important employer branding is – not just when it involves recruitment – but to a business as an entire. They’ll (of course) represent you professionally throughout the whole process, but they’ll also make sure that candidates get an insight of your company culture and brand also – something which is so important lately. It’s also good to possess workplace on your side, because they’ll back you each step of the way. For example, if the successful candidate receives another offer/counter-offer, they’ll help with negotiations and help persuade the (right) candidate to settle on you. Candidates are more likely to concentrate to a recruiter – the surface , experienced party who they trust.

6. Less risk

(Good) agencies will put their money where their mouth is and provide you with a rebate period. If the successful candidate leaves within a particular amount of time then they’ll either replace them (for free) or offer you a part of your refund – as per the terms.

Each one of the above points is true – if you attend an honest, reputable agency like Scalable Placement Agency. Of course, you’ll need to pay a fee. But you always find yourself saving money at the end of the day – consider all those man hours, job board fees, the value of hiring the incorrect person, LinkedIn Recruiter etc. You may have heard bad stories, or maybe even experienced a nasty agency yourself. But try to not tar all with an equivalent brush.

Recruiter Pro Tip

Here are a number of the warning signs that a recruitment agency probably isn’t very good…

  • They don’t want to talk . At the beginning of the recruitment process, consultants should spend a good amount of your time going to know you, the role and therefore the company. How else will they find the proper person for you?
  • They pressurise you. Advice is one thing, but pressure is another. If you begin to desire workplace is putting unfair pressure on you, then it might be a symbol that they’re panicking.
  • They send you a lot of CVS. Some roles will usher in more CVs than other, but if you retain getting sent inappropriate or low-level ones, then your consultant clearly hasn’t listened and doubtless isn’t really bothered about filling your role.
  • They don’t communicate. If you’re finding it difficult to urge in-tuned together with your consultant and you haven’t heard from them during a while, then they’re might be battling your role – or in fact they might just not really be bothered with it.

Considering employing a recruitment agency? Make sure you discover an honest one! To know more call us now.

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