6 Things you must know about a company before appearing for its job interview

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A very common mistake that many candidates commit is arriving for an interview unprepared. You ask them to speak a few things about the company that they are interviewing for and they are clueless. So to help you out, I have listed few important things you should know about the company before appearing for any interview.

Know your interviewer

It is generally a good idea to know a bit about the person who is going to interview you. To do so you may ask the HR or the company person who contacted you regarding the job interview. I remember searching for my interviewers name on FB and LinkedIn just because I wanted to be on top of the interview.

Learn about the company

Visit the company’s website. Search about it on internet. Gather useful information about the company and jot it down on paper if required. By the end of your research you should be able to speak about the company in details confidently. For example- If it’s Reliance Jio, you should at least now about its foundation year, Founder Name, Headquarter location, events leading to rise of Jio etc.

Know about the products or services they sell

For example if it’s Coca-Cola, you should know about the sparkling and still beverages they provide, Fanta, Limca, Thums Up etc, SKU sizes and prices. You may also know about their bottlers groups, Supply Chain management etc.

Learn about the industry the company is in

For example- If you are appearing for a company like Amazon, you should know a bit about E Commerce industry. Google it and help yourselves.

Learn about the job description and prepare yourself accordingly

JD is a written narrative that describes the general tasks, or other related duties, and responsibilities of a job position. It is important to understand each points of the job description because the questions in the interview will be aimed to see if you fit in that role. It is also advisable to prepare your resume according to the job profile.

Learn about the competitors

A lot of times, candidates are asked about the competitors. So it is imperative to know details of the companies competing in the market with similar products and services.

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