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Scalable Placement Agency is a prestigious recruitment consultant in Guwahati. We help firms in large-scale hirings. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is also known as RPO. It is a business process outsourcing (BPO). In this, an external firm like our recruitment consultant in Guwahati helps an employer in getting talents on a larger scale. The recruitment Consultant takes responsibility for parts or all facets of talent acquisition. It may be for a few or all of employer’s hiring needs.

For example- a RPO Firm may only overlook sourcing and screening of candidates. It is known as partial-cycle RPO. Also, it may cover the full recruiting cycle. It includes getting client’s requirements to screening, shortlisting, interviewing, and presenting and negotiating job offers. Such RPOs are known as full-cycle RPO.
An RPO provider can give its services either remotely or on-site. Also, it works closely with a firm’s internal talent acquisition team. Below, we highlight most common reasons as to why firms hire RPOs.

Top Reasons to outsource hiring processes to an RPO provider/ Manpower Consultant:

  1. To find more speed and adaptability in hiring process.
  2. Improve the standard of applicants.
  3. Less expensive and standardized recruiting process.
  4. If your current use of recruitment technology isn’t up to par.

RPO differs greatly from service providers like staffing companies. Therein it takes ownership of the planning and management of the recruitment process and therefore the responsibility of results.
Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) programs takes care of both professional and non-professional level employees. Also, such programs solve challenges like compliance, scalability, cost, quality.

Businesses depend upon internal teams to source high-quality talent. But, with such huge amount of work ahead of them, it becomes difficult. Even the best sourcing teams may need specialized support from Recruitment Consultancies like Scalable Placement Agency. Therefore, many companies are partnering with RPO providers. They do it to support their internal teams. Also, they do it to match their operations with entire recruiting function.

Why Companies prefer to work with our Recruitment Consultants in Guwahati for its operations in Assam and North East India?

Scalable Placement Agency’s manpower recruitment process outsourcing services ease the acquisition process. Firstly, it increases the number of quality hires. Secondly, it lowers hiring costs and thirdly, delivery time.

Our recruitment process outsourcing solutions specialize in methodology, measurable results and flexible solutions. In other words, our talent solutions help you to take the guesswork out of recruitment.

We have been successfully managing recruitment jobs on behalf of companies since some time now. We give 100% project delivery on time and on budget. Each project is made around the client needs. As experts, we manage the top to down recruitment life cycle. It allows employers to focus on their core business work. In other words, we take ownership and responsibility of the job given to us.

We always make sure to try and understand the employer’s organizational culture. Our team conveys this to the interested candidates ensuring each candidate is groomed accordingly. It happens throughout the selection process. We understand that relationships are at the crux of everything we do. Therefore, it is our duty to make strong relationships. Relationships with our clients, candidates, and suppliers. We use the best selection techniques. It ensures that the good candidates are employed and retained.

We pride ourselves on making a partnership approach with each client. Also, it matters the way we have been developing relationships with our major clients. Contact us to know more in details. We also give other services like executive search and permanent manpower consultancy. Interested clients can post a job vacancy if they feel like talking to us.

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