How to write the Work Experience Section of the resume?

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What information should be included in the Experience section of your resume?

Here are the key points that a typical resume work history/ experience section should include:

  1. Company Names
  2. Job locations
  3. Job titles
  4. Dates (Date of Joining/ Last day of work) and job stint wise durations
  5. Responsibilities/ Job Highlights/ Accomplishments

Few of the rules that one should follow while writing the work experience section of resume.

  1. Keep Your Work Experience Section simple and easy to read.
  2. Always write the present occupation details (latest job experience) first, followed by older job experience details. Oldest job experience should be at the bottom of the experience section of the resume.

Like the sequence shown below from top to bottom-

2017- Present


2009- 2015

  1. Create a bulleted/ number list when you write about your job responsibilities/ highlights. Avoid long sentences and paragraphs.
  2. Use nicely formatted headings and body.

Where should the work experience section be kept in a resume?

If you have any work experience at all, this section is the most important thing on your resume. It is the first place hiring managers and recruiters look at. It should be on the top half of the first page of your resume.

Point to remember

Always keep in mind that almost every job vacancy attracts a large number of resumes. So, it becomes a ritual to shortlist and segregate the good resumes from the lot.

Shortlisting of resumes is one of the common job responsibilities of HRs and Job Consultants. It requires the HRs and Job Consultants to find the best relevant resumes and reject irrelevant or badly written ones. So, to be shortlisted you must ensure your resume is well written and up to the mark.

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