Resume writing mistakes candidates make while writing the experience section

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Mistakes in experience section in resumes and how to correct them
Incomplete details in resume may hamper the chances of getting shortlisted!

Given below is a screenshot of the experience part of a resume. Even with 7 years of valuable experience in good companies, this resume failed to create an impact on recruiters as its quite confusing the way its written. Work experience section is a very important part of any resume. Due care should be taken while writing the content of this section. We will discuss in details on the mistakes pertaining to writing experience section. Lets take the picture as an example.

Reason-1. No mention of Job Titles for Dominos and Vishal.

What is a job title?

A job title may be defined as a term that tells us about the position held by an employee in firm or workplace in a very short form. Job title can describe about the level or the responsibilities of the person holding the position. Example- Accountant, Sales Executive, Customer Service Agent, Mechanic.

Recruiters want to know about your job titles to understand if your profile matches with their requirements or not. Proper job titles hep recruiters identify the nature of your previous experience quickly. Resume without job titles is not desirable.

Reason 2. No mention of job description or Job activities

Job description is a kind of explanation of the job requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills required to perform a specific role in any organization. Job description is a very important part of any resume. It allows you to write about the skills and experiences you have acquired over a period of time. Job description should be written in bullet points with important keywords. A proper job description can be a very effective addition to a resume.

Reason 3. No timelines with jobs

Identifying current job of the candidate and previous experiences in sequential order becomes impossible if no timelines are provided. It can be a turnoff for the recruiter. In exceptional cases, where mentioning timelines is not preferred by the candidates, it is desirable of the candidates to at least mention the duration of individual job stint and current job profile.

Reason 4. No keywords

A keyword may be defined as a word or group of words that are of significance to something or someone. Smart candidates use relevant keywords/ buzzwords, skill words in their resumes for added advantage. ATS software used by many recruiters for shortlisting purposes reject 75% of applications because of absence of relevant keywords. Always include keywords in resume to be more effective.

Reason 5. Name of construction company not mentioned

In the above example, the candidate has failed to mention the name of the construction company. Mere mention of the type of company is not enough when you are writing you resume.

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