How to pitch your career profile description in Facebook job groups?

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Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. Currently with over 2 billion people using it every month, it has become a world in itself. It may be a good idea to use Facebook to search for jobs as it is used by millions of businesses for the purpose of head hunting activities among other functionalities. There are platforms like LinkedIn, Google for Jobs, Naukri etc which specifically cater to these needs which are helpful for the job seekers. However it is seen that a large number of freshers use Facebook for job hunting activities, specially for locally available job vacancies. We have seen a lot of individuals securing jobs through Facebook. A lot of Facebook groups and pages cater as platforms for job seekers to meet recruiters. Individuals looking for jobs post their profiles or do a shout out in an attempt to catch attention of the recruiters. We come across a lot of Facebook Group Posts where candidates messages look like these (As given below).

“I need a job urgently. Please help”
“I need a job in Guwahati.”
“Guys, Please help me. I need a job.”

Even though these messages are seen by recruiters but like most of the shout outs, they do not create any impact on recruiters for reasons like Lack of information.

Our suggestions to all the candidates looking for job in Facebook Groups are as follows-

  • Shout outs as given above in the picture may not be the best way to grab the attention of recruiters as such shout out posts may not be seen in a very busy group. It is advisable to connect to the recruiters directly through messenger and get your profile across if you choose Facebook as your job hunt platform. However, if you want to do the shout outs, it is advisable to make some changes in your approach.

  • Think like recruiters/ HR. Normally, no recruiter would ever take the pain and time to message you and know you personally (Not because they are bad, but because they are always short on time because of lots of work responsibilities). So its your job to provide short information about yourself if you are posting on a Facebook page or messaging a recruiter directly.

  • Please provide key details of your career profile in your Facebook Post (Less than 100 Words). Consider including minimum necessary main points which highlight your strengths and skills. There is no fixed way of doing it. Its all about sounding relevant to the recruiter. For Example- If you are a graduate with no job experience but are very good at communication skills and possess basic computer skills. You may post something like this-

I am urgently looking for a job in Gauhati. BA/ B.Sc/ B COM/ XYZ Graduate (Fresher)
Useful Skills- MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SAP etc as per relevance
Good Communication Skills (Secured 1st in University/ College Debate)
Achievements worth mentioning-
Mobile No/ Mail ID-

Overall one should include details which are useful from the point of view of your recruiters like a technical skill that they might be interested in.

It is better to avoid using general terms like-
Team player

Recruiters see such terms all the time. Using such terms is advisable only if you have examples to support your claim. Avoid putting sensitive information.
Be short- Be relevant- Be specific.

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